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sábado, 11 de junio de 2011


For all those people that the only thing they know is, to f*** our lifes.

Just think before you say anything, just think about all the problems and f*cking things you do to the world. Don't say whatever you want, it's just an advice, because I know where you live.
Don't think that you are the center of the world, because you are not. And I know, what I say it can be completely stupid or offensive, but, i'm completely FED UP. 
So why don't you just dissapear of my life? For ever?
Why don't you realise that you are completely another problem for my life?
So, please, dissapear and go with all your ''friends'' , well, if we can call them so.
Oh, yes, you should be glad that we met.

Piss Off.


(usa google traductor si no lo entiendes.)

1 comentario:

Irenuxii dijo...

espero k no vaya dirigido a mi, no? xD yo deberia hacer uno de estos tambn en inglés, como lo has hexo tu. Voy a probar. ME HA ENCANTADO TU IDEA!! porfin voy a poder deshaogarme. Te quierooo